9bc6d-home_pageBuckeye Expo was started in 1994 by a local man by the name of Reuben Troyer.

Prior to Reuben starting the Expo he was (and still is) hosting and organizing the Airworks Consignment Auction that happens at the Kidron Auction grounds. After a few years of doing this he realized that a tool show would be a nice fit with what was happening with the auction. So Buckeye Expo was born hosting the tool show which coincides on the same days as the auction.

After Reuben and his brother had the tool show for a few years they soon realized there was also a need for a wholesale only furniture show for the local manufacturers. So in 1997 the Buckeye Furniture was started. Reuben and his brother soon realized it was too much for them to handle both shows along with the auction. So Reuben hired Al Miller to manage and run both shows for him while they concentrated their efforts on the auction.

Both shows soon outgrew their current facilities. Because the furniture show was a stand alone trade show, it was easy to move the show from the Kidron Cheese House to the Wayne County Fairgrounds. It soon became apparent that we were going to grow out of the fairgrounds as well. Just recently we have had to maintain a waiting list to get into our furniture show.

However, there was more of a challenge with the tool show to try and move to another location once we started maintaining a waiting list, which unfortunately has happened for the past 5 years. Since the tool show ran parallel with the Airworks auction, it has been very difficult for us to find “the perfect” place to move to. We didn’t want too far away, so our choices were very limited. We searched for the past several years and nothing seemed to fit all the needs. Finally this fall the perfect opportunity arose. We are now in the process of building a facility called the ” Buckeye Event Center” next to P. Graham Dunn’s new facility along US 30. The building is just 7 miles from the square of Kidron, OH and the Airworks Auction.

In the fall of 2005 Reuben then offered Al Miller a chance to buy Buckeye Expo from him. Al, who is my dad, asked whether my husband and I were interested in a partnership in Buckeye Expo with him and mom. We had already been helping dad manage the Tool show (they go to Arizona for the winter) since 2002 and so we knew this is something we enjoyed doing. So we told him that we were interested.

The spring of 2007 we purchased another business (formerly Mid-Ohio Showcase) that we now call the Buckeye Showcase that will fit in nicely with our trade show. The showcase will feature area furniture manufacturers so retail stores can shop at one stop instead of driving all over Wayne and Holmes County to order their products. This will also allow them to see new designs as they are introduced. This showcase will be year round and open to retail stores only.

The new building is perfect timing since we are able to dedicate our energies full-time to this business. It has been exciting so far and we are looking forward to expanding our business with this new building.